The following are several options to acquire the PAS-3 Medical System:


A user of VERSION 4 or earlier is considered an UPGRADE. Since each practice setup is different you will need to call us for pricing. We evaluate your current setup situation at that time and will quote you a cost for upgrading to the current supported version. The average cost is approximately $7,995.00 including support for the first year, which is a necessity. Training may be billed at additional $85 per hour.

Updates for non-contract TNT software PAS-3 Software starts as low as $695 per release. This is VERSION 5.0 PAS-3 and beyond beginning in 2002, the year in which TNT acquired PAS-3 MEDICAL SYSTEMS.


The contracts cover all PAS-3 MEDICAL updates, upgrades, etc as released by TNT as well as cost of shipping. The annual agreement cost can range from as little as $1,200($100/mo) to $2,700($225/mo). Broadband Internet is required and remote access software is used for interactive client/consultant use at no additional cost to you. Additional optional fees are billed should the client requires that TNT assist with Patient Account Tracking and Practice Management Consulting that increases revenue and provides detailed monthly reports. The consulting takes on hardware efficiency and cleanup as well as other practice assistance and day to day operational recommendations. The cost for these services again is quoted on a case by case basis per need. Other software system coverage is additional to the above stated prices.

Non-contract support is available starting at a flat rate fee $250 per incident up to 1 hour and $75 per quarter hour increments for billing after that. This includes all phone cost and usually requires broadband capability. Support will not be given should the client falls into a delinquent mode with TNT.

Software Only

Cash purchase of the system ranges from as little as $1,295 for the entry level Easy PAS-3 Software to a bit over $8,500 for the full-featured multi-user/multi-tasking enhanced PAS-3 Plus Software.

Total Practice Solution

Cash purchase of the complete medical practice solution, which includes the computers, printers, etc. and PAS-3 software, ranges from as little as $4,995 for an entry PC package to $25,000 or more. The price depends on your office’s particular needs. Your needs can be tailored based upon your requirements.

Lease Purchase Options

The lease purchase option is based upon the practice/provider’s credit worthiness through the application process for a 36-month term lease with a $1 buyout on final payment. This method of acquisition is only available on total practice solutions. It includes the computers, printers, network hardware, PAS-3 software, etc., and total maintenance and support for all equipment and software supplied throughout the term of the lease. This is a notarized document signed, held, and funded by TNT Computers. Approximate monthly payments range from $625 to $1,950 Based upon a single PC to the typical 4-user. It also includes a commitment payment ranging from $2,500 to $7,500, depending on your financial circumstances.

For more information about these and other acquisition methods, please call TNT Computers at (972) 347-5501.