Medical Easy (Entry Pkg)

PAS-3 Software

The Easy Software is the lowest priced entry level and the least costly of the PAS-3 family of medical software. It has limitations on the file sizes, number of providers allowed, and does not include the software shortcuts and jump features. The software multiplexer (F1 through F8 keys) is not available in this mode. Upgrading to the full enhanced PAS-3 PLUS Software is available at anytime after your initial purchase, for an additional cost. The Sinder and Appointment modules are also available as add-on modules, at an additional price.

Major Features

  • Fully table driven lookup on all data entry fields with code or description partial search
  • Patient lookup by SSN, partial last name, account number or chart number
  • Full data integrity check for input fields
  • Over 20 different user defined financial account and insurance account categories
  • HIPAA and NPI compliant
  • Supplied HCFA paper insurance and electronic form setups
  • Allows for file or paper printing of reports, patient billing and insurance forms
  • Allows for electronic patient bills and comes with the template setup
  • Allows for insurance clearing house billing with template setup
  • Has auto-balance feature computerized and built-in
  • Has automatic feature to run your end-of-day reports
  • All forms are fully user definable but we supply your standard setup forms pre-programmed
  • Will pre-calculate the Medicare 20 percent due from patient on input
  • Bills patient portion after insurance carrier makes their payment and other determinations
  • All code files user definable to allow for usage by specialty practices
  • Track payments, adjustments, etc based on unlimited user defined setup for insurance carriers, patient classes, etc.
  • GAAP accounting structure
  • Log file tracking to reduce chances of in-house theft of monies posted
  • Remote processing capability via the Internet (with additional software)
  • Full recall system with advance mail capabilities and tracking
  • Fully password protected down to module bases