Medical Plus (Full Features Pkg)

PAS-3 Plus Medical

PAS-3 Plus Medical Software is an affordable, full-feature medical billing system. PAS-3 Plus is designed for the busy practice, which currently uses multiple computer terminals or expects to expand to a network in the near future. It includes appointment scheduling, plain paper laser insurance forms as well as electronic claims submission. It is functionally equivalent to competitive systems costing as much as $10,000.00 or more. The software features look-up tables, which can be updated on-the-fly, software multiplexer, laboratory test order forms, Freedom Screens™, appointment book and electronic claims. All these reduce the time your staff spends on paperwork as well as data table building.

In accordance with General Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP), all postings are recorded to a log file, which in turn enhances the audit ability of the system, thereby discouraging staff thefts.

Major Features

  • Over 30 different patient account types and financial classes
  • Full screen editing with EditMaster input monitor
  • User-definable insurance forms, patient bills and encounter forms
  • Simultaneous balance forward and open item accounting
  • Partial name search, search by account number, name or Social Security Number
  • On-screen look up tables with “add-on-the-fly”
  • Large files; all data files sizes are only limited to the hard drive size limits
  • User definable Office, Procedure and Diagnosis Code Tables
  • Insurance carrier tracking
  • Hospitals, laboratories, and nursing home tracking
  • Tracks transactions for up to 999 doctors
  • Referring doctor tracking
  • Password security
  • Meets new Medicare requirements including self-referring UPIN numbers
  • Direct patient billing with eight different billing options
  • Sequential and non-sequential insurance billing
  • Multiple insurance coverage per service
  • Walkout patient insurance bills
  • Full patient recall system
  • Mail list manager included for practice building
  • More than 50 management reports
  • Report Writer for designing your own reports
  • Full color screens
  • Advanced windowing technology with three dimensional windows
  • Execute DOS programs or commands from within PAS-3
  • PASBook Appointment Scheduler
  • Electronic claims submission
  • User designed input screens
  • Batch posting of payments
  • City list for easy data entry
  • Special OB Patient Delivery Tracking and other reports
  • Software Multiplexer, switch tasks without loss of data
  • Permanent diagnosis for all patients

Freedom Screens
Freedom Screens are a unique feature of PAS-3 Plus. Freedom Screens allow you to design the format of your data input screens. These custom formats, identified by format numbers, are then stored on the computer’s hard disk. Create and store up to 99 different formats on your computer disk. Any of these Freedom Screens can be assigned to any patient’s account. Create screens to track injury information for industrial insurance accounts. Track information like next of kin, blood type, allergies, or special studies such as serum cholesterol levels with Freedom Screens. They only limit is your imagination. You have complete control of what the screen looks like and what data is collected. The data can even be printed on the insurance, patient billing and encounter forms.

Software Multiplexer
Software Multiplexer allows the user to interrupt any task, changing to a different module to perform any task. Once the second task is completed, the first task is restarted as if it had never been interrupted. The Software Multiplexer locks records even on a single-terminal system. This prevents improper updating of data by the second task. This feature, often called single thread multi-tasking, is available on any computer running PAS-3 Plus.

Network Capability
In many busy offices, one computer terminal is not enough. PAS-3 Plus is designed to run as a single-terminal system or to run as a multi-terminal system on the more popular networks such as: Novell, NTNX and Netbios compatible networks. Set up your system with a single terminal now, but retain the option of expanding to a network as your practice grows.

Worker’s Compensation
The optional Worker’s Compensation module generates the doctor’s initial report of injury and the doctor’s progress reports.