Sinder (PAS-3 DataManager)

Sinder DataManager

Sinder is a very powerful tool that will help a physician’s office clean up their data files and also pinpoint those areas and procedures that consistently provide the greatest returns. It also has some features that make manipulating the data inside PAS-3 easier. It is based on the reports and utilities TNT’s customers requested and can be upgraded with special custom reports and utilities for any physician’s office. SINDER is a completely Windows based mouse compatible software that relies on the PAS-3 database to do its reports.

Sinder is an originally authored software feature, written by TNT Computers for the PAS-3 family products. It was born out of the TNT client necessity for more accurate reports and statistical analysis of the PAS-3 data base. Since 1992, clients of TNT computers use the many report and utility features of Sinder.


  • Over 200 statistical reports and utilities that utilize the PAS-3 Medical data structure of Version 6
  • All reports and utilities based on users request since 1992 inception
  • Reports with date, time stamps, down to provider within treatment
  • Reports are ratios by percent of totals produced
  • User defined filters for specific pulling of data wanted
  • Full data integrity module checkup
  • Full PAS-3 toolkit and editor function provided
  • Full cleanup program provided for temp files
  • Password protected for safeguarding before changing of any data fields
  • Mouse and Windows compatible, with hot key programmed
  • Insurance claim tracking reports by carrier, date, and account class
  • Account Receivable tracking reports by class, insurance type
  • Delinquency Reports by Patient class, insurance class, and date or time period since last payment
  • Complete read test of all PAS-3 Data Files for data corruption checks
  • Referring provider reports by class, doctor, other source and treatments with totals and percentages
  • Zip code reports to analyze the number of patients per zip area
  • Various other reports with user defined filtering for more precise tracking and tracing