Since 1991, we have been on PAS-3. How can you have it without the Sinder module is beyond my comprehension. Calvin just keeps it coming with up-to-date reports and features. We use all the features from electronic insurance and patient bills to the autobalance at the end of the month. With 4 providers, version 7 is a must have.

-J.C. – OffMgr, WCPA – Mississippi
8 user windows with Novell

The version 7 from TNT with Sinder makes this software the best for its price. TNT, thanks for finding me. I would have no other computer help except you. Going from the old AIEC to the MD-Online Insurance processing is a winner. Also the new patient bills have stopped the patient calls. I actually have patients saying they finally understand our billing statements. As for the added posting feature that allows for your EOBs in 835 file format to post per user demand, EXCEPTIONAL, FANTASTIC and saves me lots of time and we all know that time is money. I particularly like that I am able to choose which EOB I want the system to auto-post for me or, if I just want to post manually as I did in the past. I get at least 10 carriers to send me their EOBs in ERA view, print and post format. GREAT!!

-Sophina – OffMgr, Foot & Ankle – Washington
4- user windows Remote office site dial-in

TNT knows the industry and the software has solved my problems. I tried other vendors, but none compared to TNT. Now that I have had the full support for over 10 years, I can say that how do PAS-3 users survive without the Sinder enhancement is beyond my comprehension. We utilize all the features fully. The billing and tracking are superb. I cannot say enough about the support and help that TNT supplies me. The option 7 on the post payment sub-menu was the feature I feel just like you said, REVOLUTIONIZED the Pas software. Its so easy to use and the flexibility and data handling of the posting for my payments & adjustments is quite astonishing. I am amazed at how TNT has really put this software right on the cus of technology. Auto-post is SUPER!!. Good Job this is the only way to post EOB's using the ERA method. I wish I had all my carriers sending me EOBs this way. Thank you for finding us and helping us.

-Mary Kay-Offmgr – WMMD – Louisiana
Single PC User

Thank you, Calvin of TNT Computers. You are always there for me and our practice when we need you the most. No matter what time it is, by the end of the day you respond and clear up any and all of my problems. We love what you are doing. Keep up the good work. The price we paid for your upgrade and service is worth every penny and then some.

-Laurie – OffMgr – SDFC – California
3 user windows

From the beginning in 2003, we started with your full service of practice setup, consulting and support. TNT came in and converted me from the previous group practice that I was associated with to my own solo clinic. You did a total setup of not only your PAS-3 software, but my entire office flow and business structure. Today, I am a steady fixture in the community with my practice. Had it not been for you coming in at that moment, I probably would have left the area and lost a lot of patients, revenue and stability. This was well worth the cost of doing business with you. Keep up the good and outstanding service you provide. We really enjoy doing business with you. What can be said about the feature of allowing the users to pick and choose which insurance EOB you will allow to auto-post? I recently got behind in doing the posting manually. Had it not been for the auto-post ERA feature, it would have taken me 2 months instead of 5 minutes to catch up. Not only does it posts correctly for us but does it so fast. I post an average of 10 to 20 pages in 30 to 45 seconds. It use to take hours. Once, I did a 55 page EOB using the ERA auto post feature and checked its results in 15 mins. That's right, less then a minute to post and the rest of the time I checked what it did for me. FANTASTIC!! TNT yourrr GREAT!!! Why go anywhere else?

-Dr. J.B.B. – Orthopedics – Louisiana
3 user windows system

It (the software) is fantastic. Your support goes beyond what you list. You’re a good man, Calvin, and a good healthcare consultant. Thank you for being there when we had no where else to turn. You seem to always have the answers and if you don’t, you find them and call us back. Wow, what a great support company to do business with.

-Lisa – Billing Service – Ma
4user windows

We have been with you from the start of our computerization. Since 2012, you have been our computer firm. In the Katrina storm aftermath, had it not been for your recovery plan used in our business, we would have lost a lot. With a 5 level multi-practice setup that would have been it for us all. Thank you for all that you have done and everything that you do. Without your steady support of our hardware, software, and other needs, it all would have been lost. I cannot think of any other company I would rather do business with. Calvin, keep up the good work. Your knowledge of this industry is outstanding.

-Zan – Billing Company - Louisiana
3 user windows with remote dial-in setup

After the Katrina storm, even though you had your own problems, you helped your clients in the area. Today, we are running as smoothly as if nothing happened. Thank you for your patience with me and my practice. I really appreciate the many things you do for us. It keeps us in business and going strong. Your support was the key back then and it continues to be for me today. Your commitment to making sure the PAS-3 software is up-to-date is wonderful. We run on Vista as well as the old Windows with no problems. Reports from the system are what sustained my practice. The billing reformat you did gave me the income needed at a time I needed it most to recover. Thank you, again.

-M.H.- OffMgr. – Geriatrics – Louisiana
4 user windows

As you know, you can bill insurance and patients with just about any practice software. However, it’s the tracking and tracing that matters the most in getting the clinic money that it is owed. The ability to print the patient bills the way you have transformed them from the old format is such a great help. Our patients always are talking about how easy it is to understand, now. The MD-Online electronic insurance billing and your insurance tracking report make it easy. I would not know how to approach our receivables tracking without your A/R. Since 1993, we have had PAS-3 with TNT and you steadily continue to improve it to meet our needs. It was good to know that you were still there after Katrina. We have had a long relationship and I hope we continue on that path. Thank you, Calvin, for what you do and the way you do it.

-P.T. – OffMgr – ENT – Louisiana
8 user windows